KONG Dog Toys

Dogs Need to Play

For more than 40 years, dog owners have used KONGs to minimize inappropriate behaviors and keep their dogs occupied. KONGs are durable chew toys with an erratic bounce that appeals to a dog's natural chase instincts. Once the dog captures the KONG, the natural rubber can be chewed for hours, occupying and satisfying your dog.

The Magic of KONG

Dogs never stop finding ways to have a good time, and KONG gives you and your best friend more fun per square inch than any toy on the planet. So what's the magic?

  • We are committed to quality
    Everything we make is the absolute best it can be without any corners cut — ever
  • We take pride in being an original
    Our KONG Classics are made with our own natural KONG rubber
  • We know dogs need variety
    That's why KONG never stops innovating toys that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes
  • We always place safety at the top of our priority list
    We would never make a bad decision for your best friend — period

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