Zilla Food for Reptile Munch Fruit, 2.5 Ounces

Zilla Food for Reptile Munch Fruit, 2.5 Ounces


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  • Nutritious and high in beneficial vitamins, Zilla Reptile Munchies are ideal for feeding alone, in addition to leafy greens, pellet diets, or as a treat
  • By using select freeze dried and sun dried ingredients, Zilla Reptile Munchies will more fully rehydrate while maintaining beneficial nutrients and appealing color
  • Ideal for Iguanas, Blue Tongued Skinks, Tegus, Box Turtle, Red and Yellow Foot Tortoises, Hermit Crabs
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Ingredients / Material Composition

Freeze Dried Apples, Freeze Dried Bananas, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Freeze Dried Peaches, Freeze Dried Pears, Freeze Dried Mangoes, Freeze Dried Blueberries