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    Nutro Dog & Cat Food

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    The NUTRO FEED CLEAN™ Philosophy

    A pet’s food energizes them from the inside out, and NUTRO FEED CLEAN™ recipes are simple, purposeful, and trustworthy, and made with non-GMO-ingredients

    Many NUTRO recipes are transitioning to non-GMO ingredients throughout 2019.

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    NUTRO ULTRA™ Dog Food

    We believe that dogs deserve to enjoy their food as much as we enjoy ours. The NUTRO ULTRA™ brand offers a menu of creatively crafted recipes that both satisfy and nourish in a variety of formulas for specific breed sizes and life stages. We put true thought and care into preparing our recipes, bringing together unique ingredients and flavors to make mealtime special.

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    NUTRO™ WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS™ Dog Food offers tailored nutrition across life stages and breed sizes for your pet's unique needs. Our recipes are made with non-GMO ingredients and high-quality protein is always the #1 ingredient. No chicken-by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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    NUTRO™ WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS™ Cat Food is available for every life stage and has tailored recipes for your cat’s unique needs, including, indoor and grain-free options. Our natural cat food plus vitamins, minerals and other nutrients also includes high-quality poultry or fish as the first ingredient.

    NUTRO™ Crunchy Dog Treats

    Feel good about the treats you give to your dog with our healthy and natural dog treats. NUTRO™ Crunchy Treats are made with natural, non-GMO ingredients†, are only 5 calories per treat and contain no chicken by-product meal, no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial preservatives and no corn, wheat or soy protein.

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