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    Enjoy walks again

    Pulling, lunging and jumping can turn a fun pastime into a chore. PetSafe Brand no-pull solutions help steer your dog’s attention back to you while taking pressure of the fragile throat area, reducing choking and giving you back some control.

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    Freedom for your pet, Peace of mind for you

    PetSafe Wireless and In-Ground fences allow you to set safe boundaries, so your pet can enjoy plenty of fresh air and exercise. Avoidance products let you set off-limits areas for your pet both inside and outside the house.

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    Raise a model canine citizen

    Remote training collars help you quickly teach commands like “come when called” or “place.” Teaching your dog when it’s time to be quiet is simple with the consistent, gentle correction of a PetSafe bark collar.

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    Open the door on a new way of living

    PetSafe pet doors allow your pet the freedom to come and go as they need. Install in a door, wall, or even your sliding glass door track to give your dog independence and you peace of mind.

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    Provide fresh water and portioned food

    Constant circulation and dual filtration helps keep your pets’ water fresh and bacteria-free. Just as getting plenty of water keeps them healthy, so too does getting the right portion of food at the right time.

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    Keep them busy and stress-free

    PetSafe toys will challenge your pet and reward the effort. A worn out pet is a nice reward for you as well.

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    Keep pet waste under wraps

    Enjoy a home that smells fresh and clean without ever having to scoop litter or clean up messy pee pads again

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