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    Wellness Dog & Cat Food

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    CORE® Grain-Free, Protein-Rich Nutrition

    CORE® is based on the nutritional philosophy that pets thrive on a diet that is mainly comprised of meat. Our CORE® meals, mixers and snacks are crafted with lean protein sources to support an active lifestyle and promote lean muscle growth. With more of the protein your pet craves and no grains nor fillers.

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    Unleash the Power of Raw

    Your dog instinctively craves raw protein. CORE® RawRev combines high-protein, grain-free kibble with pieces of 100% Raw Meat that are freeze-dried and never cooked to retain their valuable nutrients, natural enzymes and full flavor. The result is a savory meal that delivers the raw protein your dog craves and the balanced nutrition he needs to thrive from the core. Welcome to the Raw Revolution!

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    There’s Nothing Fancy About Artificial Flavors

    With Wellness® healthy isn’t hard. Our Complete Health wet cat recipes combine natural, premium proteins to deliver balanced diets full of the nutrients your cat needs for a lifetime of wellbeing. We have dozens of taste-tested flavors and textures without fillers or artificial ingredients; it’s easy for every cat to find a favorite.

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    Guaranteed, Natural Nutrition

    Great nutrition is the foundation of health. Wellness® Complete Health recipes combine premium proteins and the finest natural ingredients to deliver a balanced diet packed with the nutrients your dog needs for a lifetime of wellbeing. With thoughtfully-prepared, delicious recipes for dogs of all sizes and life stages, we know you will find a recipe you will love and your dog will crave.

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    Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats

    Give your cat the purr-fect treat with Wellness® Kittles. With 6 delicious flavors to choose from and only 2 calories per treat, you won’t feel guilty showing your kitty some love. These crunchy bites in 3 fun shapes are not only delicious, but help clean teeth too! Your cat will be sure to thank you again and again.

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    Grain-Free, Guilt-Free Goodness Guaranteed

    We believe treating your dog should always be a bonding experience. That’s why Wellness Snacks are 100% Grain-Free, Guilt-Free Goodness. Your dog benefits from a reward that’s made with natural nutrition like high quality proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and you benefit from all the happy tail wags that follow.

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