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    Dog Breed Guide

    There are about 400 recognized dog breeds today and a great number of breeds in development.

    There is truly a dog to fit every requirement for size, color, skill, adaptation, character, and more. There are dog hotels, dog vacations, dog whisperers, dog doctors, the list goes on. Dogs today are a multi-billion-dollar industry. The bottom line is that (generally) people love dogs and, in return, dogs (generally) love people. They are surely the most loyal, devoted, forgiving, affectionate, and nonjudgmental companions, although they may not be the cleanest, most obedient, or quietest!

    Primitive Dogs and Sight Hounds
    The first breeds that helped man, appearing around 5000 B.C., are even found in cave drawings. These are the most ancient breeds: the first dogs to differ from wolves.
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    Sporting Dogs
    Naturally alert and active, Sporting dogs love to be outdoors. Bred for hunting, they need a lot of exercise. Sporting dogs love people and make great companions.
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    Herding and Guarding Dogs
    Herding and Guarding dogs were bred to assist with the movement and protection of livestock. Energetic, smart, and serious, they are protective and make excellent watchdogs.
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    Scent Hounds
    Hunting dogs that primarily use scent rather than sight. Built for endurance rather than speed, they can be loud and single-minded when they are following a scent.
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    Spitz-type Dogs
    Generally from the Arctic or Siberia, Spitz dogs usually have long, thick fur, pointed ears and muzzles, and curly tails. Spitzs specialize in hunting, herding, and pulling sleds.
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    Typically small, wiry, active, and fearless, terriers were bred to control nuisance animals by following them into their burrows. Now, most terriers are loyal and affectionate family pets.
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    Companion and Designer Dogs
    These dog's only job is to keep people company. Often miniature versions of larger dogs or artful breed combinations, they are unsuited to living outdoors and prefer to be lapdogs.
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    Mixed breed dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Appearance, intelligence, and temperament are based on their breeding stock. Mutts are susceptible to health problems.
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