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    Pets in the Classroom

     How Teachers Can Introduce Children To The Benefits Of Pets

    Kids benefit from exposure to pets in the classroom in ways that help to shape their lives for years to come.The Pets in the Classroom Grant Program provides teachers of Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade classes in both public and private schools with financial support to help purchase and maintain classroom pets through direct, no-hassle educational grants. Teachers can obtain a grant or coupons for the purchase of new pets and pet environments, or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets.

    Pets in the Classroom Gerbil

     So Why Get A Classroom Pet?

    • Pets Aid In Improving School Attendance
      • Students become excited about school because they get to see their animal friends!
    • Pets Encourage Nurturing
      • Kids soon learn that if they want their classroom pet to be happy and healthy, they’ll need to treat it carefully and kindly.
    • Pets Build Self Esteem
      • Helping to take care of a pet gives a child a sense of pride and accomplishment.
    • Pets Promote Empathy
      • By caring for a pet, children develop an increased awareness of the needs and feelings of others,and see how their actions affect their little friends.
    • Pets Teach Responsibility
      • Having to take care of a pet builds a sense of responsibility in children.
    • Pets Stimulate Learning
      • When classroom pets are included in the lesson plan, students will approach learning with a new enthusiasm and interest.
    • Pets Enrich The Classroom Experience
      • Not only do pets bring a new excitement for learning, but they provide a warm and welcoming environment for students.
    • Pets Become Friends
      • Pets provide kids with unconditional love and support. They become a confident and a non-judgmental friend.

    Pets in the Classroom Gecko 

    Classroom Pet Options?

    Pets in the Classroom Pet Guide

    How To Apply: Simply click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page and fill out the application. If you qualify, we’ll send a coupon directly to you for the support of your classroom pets.That’s all there is to it! Are you ready to add a pet to your classroom?



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