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    Taste of the Wild

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    Give Them a Taste of the Wild

    Modern science proves that your dog or cat still shares the DNA of the ancient canine or feline. It’s no surprise then that their tastes demand something of the wild. Every unique formula of Taste of the Wild is made with real meat and supplemented with vegetables, legumes and fruits for a superior taste sensation and nutrition. Your pets crave a Taste of the Wild. Go ahead and give them one.

    Guaranteed Probiotics

    70 percent of an animal’s immune system is housed in the GI tract. So a healthy digestive system is vital to the overall health of your pet. Taste of the Wild features our proprietary probiotics, beneficial bacteria developed specifically for dogs and cats. Our probiotics are processed under human-grade standards and guaranteed to be viable, meaning they are alive, active and able to help suppress bad bacteria in your pet’s system.

    Always Grain-Free

    In the wild, it would be uncommon for a canine or feline to eat grains on a daily basis. Taste of the Wild is free of grains, as well as corn, wheat or soy, while still providing the complete nutrition dogs and cats need.

    Taste of the Wild Canine Formulas

    Taste of the Wild canine formulas feature unique proteins like roasted fowl, real venison or wild boar, and are rounded out with vegetables, legumes and fruits. Choose from a wide variety of different flavors, available in dry and canned formulas.

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    Taste of the Wild Feline Formulas

    Taste of the Wild feline formulas feature real, high-quality proteins such as trout, smoked salmon and roasted venison that are sure to satisfy your feline friend’s wild taste. Available in dry and canned formulas.

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